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Multilevel Marketing Software

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Direct Selling (MLM) Software and mobile app

Innovative & Full of Feature Solution

TYMK Creative Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading Direct Selling / MLM software company, has developed omnipresent software that can benefit your business. Ingenious CRM is a smart direct-selling software that meets all of the needs of an MLM business with its comprehensive set of features.


The backbone of our industry software lies in the Admin Back Office module, serving as the central hub for all crucial tasks. Our software solution offers diverse management features within the admin module to ensure efficient operations.


Explore the power of the Dashboard module in CRM Calling Ingenious. Gain instant insights with Total Users, and User Wallet Balances, and efficiently manage Categories, Products, and Orders. Stay responsive to customer needs with Support Query tracking. Visualize your business trends through charts showcasing  Turnover and User Joining. Elevate your CRM experience for streamlined control and strategic decision-making.

Business & Genealogy

Explore a detailed Sponsors/Referrals List, visualize the network structure through an intuitive Tree Structure based on business logic, and stay informed about Business Matching Status/Generation Status. Dive into the intricacies of your network with Level-wise Members, providing a comprehensive view of your business relationships and enhancing your strategic decision-making.

Product & Order Manager

Effortlessly manage your product portfolio with the "Products" module. Access a comprehensive product listing, create new products seamlessly, and efficiently categorize them for easy management. Streamline your order processes with the "Order" module. Navigate through order listings, handle cancellations with ease, and access detailed reports for insightful analysis of your business transactions.

Support Ticket & User KYC

Enhance customer support with the "Support Ticket" module. Address user queries efficiently, engage in real-time chat with users, and maintain organized category listings for streamlined query resolution.
Ensure secure & compliant user profiles with the "User KYC" module. Easily access user listings, update information, validate Indian PAN Card, Bank Details, and Aadhar Number, and efficiently manage approval or rejection status for enhanced identity verification and data accuracy.

Distributor Managment

Effortlessly oversee user management with the versatile "User Manager" module. This feature empowers you to seamlessly view and list user profiles, update information with precision, and maintain operational efficiency by easily terminating accounts or stopping payments when necessary. Elevate your control and responsiveness within the system with this comprehensive toolkit designed for effective user administration.

Incentive Wallet & Payout

Effortlessly manage incentives with the "Incentive Wallet" module. Monitor individual user status, and access comprehensive reports with download options. 
Empower your payout process with this module, enabling swift calculation, grouping, and verification. Gain valuable insights through in-depth analysis, income statements, and related reports.

Website Manager

Empower dynamic website with the "Utilities" module. Keep your audience informed with the latest news, and announcements through the Event Module, and address common queries with a comprehensive FAQ section. Take control of your website's visual appeal with the "Image Manager" module. Effortlessly manage website content, curate primary banners, showcase galleries, and create engaging promotional pop-ups for a captivating online presence.

Admin Features

Empower your administrative capabilities with the "Admin Features" module. Facilitate role and user creation, efficiently manage system settings, and maintain a well-defined company profile for seamless administrative control.


A visually appealing yet secure and user-friendly member panel stands as a primary necessity for any Direct Selling business. Our INGENIOUS software not only meets but exceeds this requirement, offering a secure member panel equipped with all the latest features.


Navigate the business with ease through the "Dashboard" module. Keep track of your team count, referral/sponsor count, and pending support tickets. Monitor your orders, business volume, and total pins effortlessly. Access your account/profile card, and referral links for social media, and stay updated on total payouts, income wallet/ledger, and KYC status for a comprehensive overview of your business metrics.

Shopping Experience

Enhance your business with the "Shopping" module. Explore a detailed product listing, dive into product details, manage your cart seamlessly, review order overviews, and keep track of your order listing for a comprehensive shopping experience. Navigate through order listings, handle cancellations with ease, and access detailed reports for insightful analysis of your business transactions.

Registration Module

Streamlining the onboarding process for new members, the Registration process is a pivotal component of any software. As members or users input their details during registration, maintaining robust security during Sign-up is imperative. Our software solution ensures a secure and encrypted login wall, featuring password encryption. The module enhances efficiency and user satisfaction during the registration journey.

Business Networks

Optimize Business strategy with the "Business Network" module. Explore a comprehensive sponsors list, visualize your network structure with mouse-over information based on business logic, and stay updated on business status. Dive into the details with level-wise members and celebrate achievements through the reward achievement feature.

Incentive Wallet & Payout

Effortlessly manage incentives with the "Incentive Wallet" module, offering a streamlined approach to tracking, and sorting incentive reports. Navigate your finances with precision using the "Payout Report" module. Explore various options, delve into detailed payout summaries, and access comprehensive income statements for informed financial decision-making.

Account Settings

Ensure compliance and security with the "KYC Documents" module. Capture essential documents such as PAN Card, Bank Details, and Aadhaar Card Details to establish the identity and legitimacy of users. Empower users with personalized control through the "Account Setting" module. Manage profiles seamlessly and enhance security with the ability to update the security password for a customized and secure user experience.


Elevate your business expansion strategy with the comprehensive tools provided by Ingenious software's Franchise module.


Navigate your franchise operations efficiently with the dynamic "Dashboard" module. Access a quick menu featuring Order Reports, Business and turnover Reports, and Customer Highlights for swift insights. Gain a comprehensive summary of business and sales, empowering you with the information needed to make informed decisions and drive success.

Billing Module

Simplify your billing processes with the "Billing" module. Utilize the Sales Order module and Point of Sale (POS) module seamlessly. Experience convenient item search using product codes, barcodes, or product names. Streamline billing with existing inventory for a hassle-free and efficient billing experience.

Inventory Manager

Take control of your inventory with the "Inventory Manager" module. Access comprehensive inventory and item listings, receive alerts for minimum stock levels, and generate item transaction reports. Stay informed with purchase and supply reports for efficient inventory management.

Purchase/Order Request:

Streamline your procurement process with the "Purchase/Order Request" module. Explore detailed item listings, make selections effortlessly, and send purchase requests to the company or warehouse seamlessly. Keep track of your request history for efficient order management.

Fund Manager

Efficiently manage funds with the "Fund Manager" module. Send fund requests to the company, admin, or warehouse effortlessly. Keep track of commissions with the Commission Wallet, and seamlessly transfer commissions to the Payout System for streamlined financial management.


Out of 100 Direct Selling / MLM Companies, 90 of them Shut Down Because of Wrong/Cheap MLM Software.

 🙊 Is Your Member Data safe and secure?

🔢  Plan Calculation is not working properly?


Software loading issue and server down? 

💻   No Support & Response from Software Developers?

📈 Company Profit and loss calculated?

📋  Required 25-50 types of reports?

🔨  Payout manually and facing problems?

📠  Payout and banking transfer problems?

🌚    Member’s payout income wrong calculated?

😵‍💫    Tree loading problem?

🤦‍♂  Company’s Leaders are not happy with software and plan?

👎 Is Rewards & Achiever not displayed on Time ?

🛍 Product Dispatch  doing manually? 

📱Software is not Mobile friendly?

Get Quality,  Intelligent, Fast & Automated

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